This website focuses on Animal Abuse & Animal Cruelty at Cedar Valley Farms, and the farm's relationship to Cedarwal Farms and Dr. Rich Vanderwal of the Abbotford Veterinary Clinic in Abbotsford, BC.

Cedar Valley Farms, is an organic dairy farm located at 40820 No 2 Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2R5, whose license was recently suspended by the BC Milk Marketing Board after Animal Justice released video footage showing workers beating cows with canes and wrenches, among other abuse.

“It doesn’t get much worse than this, as cows were beaten, struggling to stand, and crying out for their calves at Cedar Valley Farms,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “Suspending this operation’s license is a first step, but we’re calling on provincial and federal officials to ensure that these abusers never go back to business.”

The video footage also shows cows emaciated and limping in pain, workers repeatedly beating cows in the face and spraying them with high-pressure hoses, a worker kicking a mother cow to keep her away from her newborn calf who had been tossed into a wheelbarrow, and workers repeatedly shooting cows in the head and leaving them to die slowly over the course of several minutes.

from Animal Justice ""
"The BC SPCA plans to recommend criminal and provincial charges to address the multiple instances of unlawful abuse.
Cedar Valley is owned by Cedarwal Farms, which is owned by the Vanderwal family. This includes veterinarian Rich Vanderwal, who was the veterinarian overseeing Chilliwack Cattle Sales - a massive nearby dairy farm that was exposed for horrific abuse in a highly-publicized whistleblower expose in 2014. This shocked the nation and led to animal cruelty convictions, jail time, and fines for the company and workers.

Nevertheless, Cedarwal Farms subsequently employed one of the convicted abusers, as was discovered in October of 2017

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Another Vanderwal family member is "The Princess" Jolene Vanderwal. It appears she seems to think it's OK to break into people's houses and STEAL their belongings and avoid having to deal with the consequences? It sounds crazy, but crazy things may happen if you have the support of the Vanderwal Family?
(Let's see how long this statement gets to stay posted on the Internet?)